2006--Ningbo Sunshine Leisure Products Co., Ltd.
2009--Deyi Advertising Equipments Co., Ltd.
The unique lighting-box supplier of H&M
2019--The supplier of AVEC
Sunshine company is established in year 2006, based on producing and selling various of advertising umbrellas. We mainly supply sun parasol size from 180cm to 500cm, with customized printing and designs. We will supply professional suggests and solutions on umbrella model and printing methods according to different requirements, ensure every customer gets desirable goods and service.
After more than 15 year- working on advertising field, we gain good reputation, win customer’s trust and support. We become long term supplier of many well-known brand companies in food brewery and beverage industry including PEPSI, ALGIDA, NESTLE, BUSWIESER and so on. In Germany, the center of beer, our sunshine umbrella can be found anywhere with famous and local beer brands. It’s our proud and power to do one thing persistently – make best printing umbrella for our customer. Printing umbrella is our foothold and root, it is irreplaceable.
Since most of our customer work in advertising and promotion area, need some other relevant products for these purposes. we also supply service to our customer for sourcing promotion items. With the development our business, we gradually formed two new department: commercial lighting and gifts. They are two individual department with experienced team. The commercial lighting including lighting box, signs, display tools. We can offer over all lighting designs for shop-opening project. We supplied lighting box for HM stores in APAC area for more than 10 years.
Benefit to the local industry advantage, the stationary become the core part of gifts. It is new found department, but with very competitive price and strong R & D capability, our stationary business increase quickly.
Laser cutter for tube
Laser cutter for plate
Laser cutter for plate
Bending machine
Bending machine
Laser welder
Metal Processing Workshop
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